Monday, September 14, 2009

for get togethers and family celebrations!

Labor Day weekend had us at Peniel Ranch for a Family Retreat. We were treated to some fantastic teaching by Les Garrett, the man who gave us 'This is the Day'. He focused on the book of Ruth tying it to the Gospel message. Really great stuff!!!

While at Peniel, we did our share of fishing! Troy and I both caught a 10-pounder! It is so much fun to catch these fish - even the small ones!!! If you live near us - or are at least in the Pacific Northwest, you should really look into coming to Peniel Ranch for one of their many retreats!!! The people are wonderful, the food is awesome, the fishing is fantastic, and the teaching is tremendous!!!

Now that's a fish!

The next weekend had us visiting some friends that we met at Peniel Ranch (another great benefit of the camp!). It was a fun to meet with them on their 'home turf' (the West side of the state) - and to get together with other families from the ranch. We also met a nice family from Arkansas that were staying with them. While there, we were able to attend the Regional Kick-Off Picnic sponsored by Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington. The event was a fun get-together! Mr. Bradrick gave an encouraging message on home discipleship and we also got to hear the lastest going on in Washington State from Scott Brannan from Christian Homeschool Network. They are a grass roots organization dedicated to protecting our God given right to homeschool in Washington State without government interference. I spoke briefly with DiAnna Brannan and thanked her for all the hard work they do on our behalf over in Olympia. After the picnic on Saturday, we headed back to our friends for a joint birthday celebration for their sons. They were very kind to include Victoria into the celebration! On Sunday, we got to enjoy their Home Church. It was a wonderful time of fellowshipping with the members of God's family. It was a huge reminder of remembering not to limit our family to 'biological' only.

Since we were gone during Victoria's official birthday on the 12th, we celebrated again tonight with Grandpa Ron, Grandma Sweetie, and Alice, an older lady in town that Victoria spends time with. We had cake, played a game of Apples to Apples, and let Victoria know how much she means to us. I still can't believe she is 19!

Happy Birthday to you...

Dear Friends, joined by love - not separated by age

I didn't get as many pictures as I should have - but I was too busy enjoying our company!!!

Since we like to remain busy on weekends (or so it seems!) - we will again have goings on this weekend with our annual Fest. Some friends from Peniel will be coming down to spend Saturday with us...and we will get to enjoy their kids singing on the Outdoor Stage!! God truly has been wonderful to us these past several weeks. His blessings have been big and small - and we thank Him for them all.