Friday, June 19, 2009

for the story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Nancy Moser has released yet another Historical Women Fiction book. This time she features Elizabeth Barrett Browning. As Ms. Moser states in the back of How Do I Love Thee?, sometimes real life is much, much better than anything an author could make up. This is true of Ms. Barrett Browning's life!!!

While reading this book, you will get a glimpse into the reclusive life of Barrett. You will become acquainted with her family - who seems even more odd than she, at times! You will also get to read some of the 500+ letters she and Browning exchanged during their 'courtship'.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone. I am not a great lover of poetry - but even I have read the infamous poem 'How Do I Love Thee?' - the story behind the poem (included in the book!) is well-worth the stepping back in time and acquainting yourself with this poetess and her friends and family! I thoroughly enjoyed this book - and actually walked away with a greater appreciation for poetry!