Sunday, March 1, 2009

for The Study Buddy Challenge from A Life of Faith

A Life of Faith is hosting The Study Buddy Challenge. It is a whole new way for you and a friend to do a Life-Changing Bible Study... and have a chance to win amazing prizes too!

The purpose of this contest is to get you and your best friend or sister, mother, aunt, cousin, grandmother, or anyone else close to you, to do a life-changing A LIFE OF FAITH Bible study guide TOGETHER. There is nothing like a shared experience to deepen a relationship, and when that shared experience is centered around God and our faith in Him, well it just doesn’t get any better!!

To get more information and deadline details visit A Life of Faith.


Safe Thus Far said...

May I ask who, if anyone, in your household is going to be doing this?


KeepItSimple said...

Hey Susan...

I ordered 3 books for the girls and I. I know that only 2 can do it, but I figure we can all do it together. We also are using the Violet one, even though the other ones are options.

Hugs -

Paula said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING AND COMMENTING ON MY BLOG! I am actually glad you did not find the link to the rinse right away and read through my blog because you commented and it REALLY impacted me! I never thought about it that way before! THANK YOU! I usually tell my children the reason we eat healthy is because our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit and we need to be good stewards of that temple so we are able to do His work. I am not sure I want to live a LONG life, but I do want to live a GOOD one. One that is worthy of Him. Thank you SO MUCH for the reminder that our days are numbered and He controls that number!!! :D :D :D