Sunday, July 13, 2008

for long-awaited photos and family updates! - Going to the Dogs Edition

At the beginning of June, we added a new member to our household. She was born on April 13 - I'm not sure what she weighed or how long she was *smile*, but she sure is cute!!! Ms. Lydia is a Yellow Lab and quite the ham!

Ms. Lydia looking cute

Playing on Ice Mountain

Catching up on some shut eye after looking so cute and playing on Ice Mountain

Lydia, One Month Later

She has brought real joy to our family. She is a very mellow dog - well, mellow for a puppy. She is very smart - how many other puppies do you know that can drink out of a cup with a straw at 12 weeks? Okay, so she was just chewing on a straw that was in a cup she nabbed off our patio table - but she is learning! She knows sit and stay, for the most part. She doesn't bark - which is why we finally had to get rid of our old dog. She also LOVES the water...another big plus for a family that likes to go to the lake!

The kids are all excited to have a 'big dog' - and Troy looks forward to the day when she is big enough to join him and his riding partner for the day on some trail rides.


Marsha said...

Love your puppy!!! So cute and looks sooo soft! I love soft. I have a Pug and her wrinkles make her extra soft.