Friday, February 22, 2008

...for another contest!

March's Contest is now open.

"Your Favorite Historical Figure and Why"

1. Describe in 50 words or less your favorite historical figure and explain why.
2. This person can be anyone, living or dead.
3. Please remember to sprinkle all your entries with love, choosing your words carefully.
4. Entries will be accepted starting today, February 22, and will continue through March 14th.
5. The winner will be announced the following week.

This month, we will have two winners! We are giving away a copy of 'Elsie Dinsmore' to the two top picks. Again, my children will be picking the winners from all entries received.

The first copy of 'Elsie Dinsmore' has an 1896 copyright (hence the 'historical figure' aspect of this contest). This one is in very good condition, however it does have an inscription on the first page dated 1925.

The second copy does not have a date (the page has been removed), but is old as well. There are advertisements in the back of this one with books for sale for $0.75, so I am guessing it is relatively old as well!). This copy appears to have been more lovingly owned in the past (well-read). The pages are all intact (well, except for the missing one with the publisher's information), however the spine binding is loose from the pages. (I think I said that right!).

Have fun! We look forward to reading your entries!


Jennifer Bogart said...

Hi Camille,

Here is my entry!

What historical event that took place 2000 years ago is still being spoken about in all nations by all peoples on a daily basis, having affected so very many, changed so many lives? Jesus birth and crucifixion is no doubt the biggest historical event to hit the earth since creation.

Love in Christ,

Sallie said...

Well, since Jesus is taken by Jennifer, I'll have to come up with someone else now ;-)

Harriet Tubman and Corrie Ten Boom are both favorites and I can't really pick between the two. They similarily showed bravery at a cost to themselves but continued on in helping people who needed it.

Martha A. said...

I think there are many people in history who have changed our lives, even though they did not know maybe they did. One such person I can think of was Fanny Crosby who wrote over 8,000 hymns which are sung not only here, but my husband who is from Russia, knows most of them. The joy expressed by one who suffered so much in losing her sight, her only child and many other things is a blessing that will last forever through her hymns.

Jack C said...

Being one of the first reformers, Martin Luther is my favorite historical figure. The primary reason for this is his unwavering fear of God and desire to reform the church while remaining in unity. He was also a great author who wrote many wonderful books and hymns. His dedication to God is an inspiration to me and many others.

Jack C.

Peter C. said...

General Washington is my favorite historical figure because of his integrity, bravery, and leadership abilities. His integrity even when it hurts inspires me to be honest. He also inspires me to be brave and a good leader. George Washington is an important model for the boys of today, including me.

Peter C.

Reed C. said...

I like John Calvin because he was one of the starters of the Reformation. He wrote the Insitutes of the Christian Religion and the Commentary of most of the Bible. I also like him because he was a Godly man.

Reed C.

Tim said...

Throughout history, the man with the most outstanding and comprehensive scientific achievements has been Leonardo da Vinci. Many academic disciplines including engineering, botany, and anatomy remember him as their patriarch or patron. His Mona Lisa is the quintessential painting, and his journals kept in backwards mirror writing record extraordinary inventions.

~Tim Brauning

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille!

Here is the entry of my son, Jordan about the Marquis de Lafayette:

My favorite historical figure is Lafayette. When he arrived, he requested that he serve in the army without pay. Not only that, but out of his own fortune he gave to the patriot cause most generously. He was exceedingly loyal to Washington and looked up to Washington as a father.

Jill J

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Camille!

This entry is from my son, Aidan, about George Washington:

I like George Washington because he stayed with his army at Valley Forge, even though he could have just left them to go through the harsh winter on their own. I also like him because he went out into battle alongside his army.

Jill J

Rachel B. said...

Hi, Camille! I didn't know about this until today, or I would have entered something sooner. I love that you have these contests on your blog. Keep'em coming! :)

My Favorite Historical Figure and Why:
"Elias Boudinot. A little-known figure in history. A president of the Continental Congress, a Director of the United States Mint, loving husband, devoted father, avid writer, and devout Christian: he is my favorite because regardless of which hat he wore, his love of Christ always directed his actions."

Can't wait to see the results!
Blessings on you and your family,

Grace B. said...


A Frenchman, he came to America to fight in the Revolution, becoming like a son to Washington, and a hero and friend to the American people. His love of freedom would cost him his position in France, but he is still remembered in America as a brave and loyal leader.

-Grace B.

KeepItSimple said...

Thank you all for entering the contest!!! We will be going over the entries in the morning, and the kids will pick their top two!

The winners will be posted to the blog soon, and will need to email me with your contact info.

Blessings -

KeepItSimple said...

...and we have some winners!

Once again, I printed out the entries and had each of the kids pick their 2 top favorites. Of course, with 4 children and 4 different set of personalities we had only one person who actually got 2 votes!! So, that person is our first place winner. They will have their pick of the two books. Our second place winner was chosen by drawing. We put all the other entries that the kids voted for in a hat and had our oldest draw the entry. you're wondering who they were. Well, I'll tell you -

1st place - Aidan with his entry on George Washington

2nd place - Tim B. with his entry on Da Vinci.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone for taking part!

April's contest is FANTASTIC! I'm so incredibly excited about what is coming stay tuned!

Blessings -